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  • 1. What is Business Hotels

    Business Hotels is a specialized web portal where you can get information, receive customized recommendations, and book Business Hotels at the lowest possible rates. You can book hotels online, by telephone or fax.
  • 2. How can I book Business Hotels and Hotel Apartments?

    You can book hotels online, by telephone or fax.
  • 3. Do I need to register on your website for booking?

    While we encourage you to register, you can also make a booking through our speed booking facility online without registering. If you book by telephone, you do not need to register.
  • 4. I booked online, by telephone, or by fax. What is next?

    After we received, and verified your information, we will send you a booking confirmation by email, within a few hours. Usually this will included the reservation number from the business hotel, which you can use for check-in.
  • 5. How do I pay for my business hotel?

    In most cases, you will be able to pay to the hotel directly. Depending on the country and hotel, and the period of stay, you will have to prepay one night or more in advance, or at check-out.
  • 6. Why do I need to pay a deposit when I check-in into a business hotel?

    Most hotels especially in China do require a deposit, for miscellaneous charges like telephone, room service, or restaurant bills. For monthly stays, they require a deposit to guarantee that you stay for the contracted period, for which you have received a discounted rate.
  • 7. Are utilities and included in the hotel rate?

    Usually, charges for electricity, water and gas are included for daily stays. For monthly stays, utilities may be fully included, included up to a certain limit, or not be included. Please do ask us if you are not clear whether the charges are included or not.
  • 8. Are broadband internet charges included in the hotel rate?

    Usually, broadband internet charges are not included in the hotel rates, unless it is written that they are included. Please do ask us for more information.
  • 9. Are service charge and taxes included in the hotel rate?

    We strive to post most rates inclusive of service charge and taxes, if any, included in the hotel rate. Please do ask us if you are not sure.
  • 10. Why do you require Credit Card information, if we are going to pay in cash at the hotel?

    Most hotels require some sort of guarantee, e.g. your Credit Card number, so they will be confident to hold the room for you after 6pm, and to ensure themselves against no-shows or late cancellations.
  • 11. Is my Credit Card information safe?

    Absolutely. You can provide your Credit Card information to us over by phone, fax or by book ing safely online - your information will be transmitted using Secure Socket Layer international 128-bit encryption standard. Credit Card information will not be stored on our servers. For your own safety, don��t send your Credit Card details unencrypted by email or instant messenger.
  • 12. Are my personal details safe?

    Besides the usual information that the hotels require for booking, we will never share your information with any third parties.
  • 13. Can I cancel my reservation free of charge?

    You can cancel your reservation free of charge, up to a certain date before your arrival, according to each hotel��s cancellation policy. After that, the hotel might charge one night as a fee for no-show or cancellation, but some hotels may charge the full amount from your credit card. Please see the property details and contact us for any question.
  • 14. How much is booking through Business Hotels

    Booking through Business Hotels is free of charge. Whether you stay for one day or one year, you do not pay any booking fee and no agency commission to us.
  • 15. What are Business Hotels?

    Business Hotels are the preferred temporary accommodation solution for business travelers, vacationers, who seek comfort at an affordable price.
  • 16. What is the difference between Business Hotels and other hotels?

    Living in Business Hotels combines the advantages of two kinds of accommodations: Budget Hotels and luxury hotels.
  • 17. Why stay in Business Hotels?

    On the one hand you have the flexibility of staying in luxury hotels, and enjoy services like daily housekeeping, laundry, room services, and some or all facilities like restaurants, business center, fitness center, massage and Spa. On the other hand you will appreciate the lower rates, compared to luxury hotels. Often, the facilities and rooms of Business hotels are newer so, just book a Business Hotel with us!
  • 18. What is the average length of stay in Business Hotels?

    Business Hotels are used for short-term rentals of one-day and up, extended stays of executives on business trips taking a week or two, and monthly stays.
  • 19. Are Business Hotels used for monthly stays?

    One of the major target groups of most Business Hotels are professionals sent for short project assignments that last for several days. In addition, Business Hotels offers you discounted monthly rates, sometimes even reasonable weekly or bi-weekly rates, so your stay will be considerably cheaper than staying in a normal hotel of a similar standard.
  • 20. I have a large group to accommodate, for a holiday, or a project.

    If you are a group, like a project team going to places in Asia for meetings, projects, or incentive trips, you will find our staff most knowledgably and helpful to find you the right accommodation at the best price - most of the time, special group discounts are available through us. We know that your schedule, length of stay, and number of room nights or room types might have last-minute changes - just let our efficient team handle your bookings. We are good at it.
  • 21. Are Business Hotels suitable for students?

    Even students book their stay with us, e.g. when they study abroad or need a place to stay while doing their internship with international companies in Shanghai, Beijing, or other cities in Asia. But please note that business hotels are naturally more expensive than budget hotels or normal hotels rented from individual landlords.
  • 22. If I want to stay a year or more, is a Business Hotel good for me?

    Many expatriate managers of Multinational companies (MNCs), prefer to stay in Business Hotels over rental apartments, even for yearly stays, as Business Hotels provide best security,for foreigners together with hotels, in places like China. Still, many expatriates still prefer to stay in Business Hotel, where they live in a community with other foreigners, enjoy their activities and facilities, and have much better security.
  • 23. Can I use a Business Hotel just for my vacation?

    Business Hotels, are now a popular choice of travellers who would like to stay at lower cost than luxury hotels, at their vacation or during a business trip.
  • 24. How can I find the best hotel for myself?

    Before looking for an hotel, please make sure to make a mental list of all your requirements in terms of location, size, facilities, and your budget. Our team knows our all our member hotels very well. We will be more than happy to help you finding the most suitable place for you to stay. Just contact us!
  • 25. Can you help me finding the right hotel?

    We are glad to assist you selecting the most suitable hotel. Then, booking is the easy part. Just call us, to +86-21-5109 9280, send us an email to marketing [at], or register online, then book the hotel after login in with your user name and password. Booking hotels is the easy part. Just call us, to +86-21-5109 9280, send us an email to marketing [at], or register online, then book the hotel after login in with your user name and password.
  • 26. What are the diamond ratings on Business Hotels

    The Diamond ratings proprietary rating system of Business Hotels It is not a star rating, we rate hotels according to which part of the pricing segment they fall into: One Diamond: Lower price segment, often used for more economic business hotels. Two Diamonds: Hotel in the lower medium range of rates. Three Diamonds: Hotels in the higher medium range of rates. Four Diamonds: Highest price segment, lavish and luxury hotels.
  • 27. Can I list my hotel on your website?

    We always welcome good business hotels to become a member of our websites. Please send us more information.



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